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by April 25, 2023 0

Meaningful Movies Project exists entirely on donations from people like you. Our mission is to empower people of all ages, ethnicities, and social classes to create a better world with social justice and peace for all. We do not charge a fee for our events, and we do not charge a fee for the support and services that we provide to local Meaningful Movies Groups. We are building community and encouraging activism, one film and one conversation at a time. We hope that you will consider donating to MMP, so that we can continue to educate people about the most important issues of our times and inspire action.

Since 2003, the Meaningful Movies Project has reached over 86,000 attendees. In the past two decades, Meaningful Movies volunteer-run groups have organized well over a thousand thought-provoking screenings. Films that focused on topics such as economic inequity, food insecurity, the challenges facing refugees and immigrants, environmental degradation and climate change, and other deep-rooted problems that our communities are grappling with. Film, coupled with community conversations – that are guided by knowledgeable activists and leaders – help participants build understanding and explore ways to advocate for justice, equality, and inclusion.

We know that our film events inspire action because we hear again and again from people who moved from learning about a topic, to feeling compelled to act because of a Meaningful Movies event.

We have heard about people who now build tiny homes for unhoused people; who started campaigning to save the orcas; and who drafted a bill for their local city council to reduce plastic because they were inspired and ‘activated’ by a Meaningful Movies event. Your donations help us ensure that our volunteers have the support they need to continue to organize Meaningful Movies events that move people from the sidelines to taking an active role in protecting the most vulnerable in our communities. 

Our manager, Melinda Raebyne provides that support and is the ‘glue’ that holds our network together. Melinda is an award-winning filmmaker who was awarded the national Spark Fund last year which supports filmmakers from BIPOC communities. 

She has deep ties to film festivals and local community colleges and though she has been with MMP for less than a year, she has already been instrumental in recruiting diverse interns, including young people of color who, have had the opportunity to explore their interests in technology, film and art; who have been able to connect with community organizers and leaders; and who have contributed their diverse talents to this organization.


Melinda has also been instrumental in expanding our reach to new groups in Colorado, California and Nevada.  Despite the challenges of moving from in-person-only events, to online-only, and now to hybrid events, we are continuing to expand to new parts of the country. We could not do that without Melinda’s invaluable leadership. Your donations pay for Melinda’s salary as well as for our website, the tech platforms on which we rely, and other essential tools which allow MMP to continue to operate.


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