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Jack Fogelberg – Meaningful Movies Wallingford
Jack_at_BangorJack Fogelberg first attended the Meaningful Movies in 2008 and has been a Film Committee member since 2009 with a break from 2011 through 2014 when he resided in Charlotte, North Carolina and started a documentary film group there. He is a Mechanical Engineer and lives in Sammamish. He has two kids in college so we have to watch the donation cans around him. He likes motorcycles and waffles with hot tamales.

Diane Turner – Meaningful Movies Wallingford
LibraryLadyBlueDiane Turner is a former Contracts Manager, now retired and enjoying spending more time with her grandson, 2 children and many friends. She helped start Friday Night at the Meaningful Movies in 2003. She is our Documentary Film Librarian and also coordinates most of the infrastructure for Wallingford Meaningful Movies. She is working to find a way to make the film library available to all Meaningful Movies groups. Diane is a board member of the independent filmmaking company, Moving Images.


Rich Gamble – – Meaningful Movies Wallingford
richgambleRev. Richard Gamble is the senior pastor of Keystone UCC. He has been with Friday Night at the Meaningful Movies from the beginning. He is currently the co-chair of the Faith Action Network governing board and is executive director of the Justice Leadership Program. In the past he has worked as director of a faith-based homelessness advocacy program, chaplain at a shelter for homeless men, pastor of a rural church, executive director of a community organizing agency, and crisis counselor, among other things.


Rick Turner – Meaningful Movies Wallingford
Rick_at_Big_SurRick Turner is a licensed architect (retired) having spent the majority of his nearly 40-year career specializing in intergenerational environments. He’s a backyard beekeeper, a board member of the independent filmmaking company, Moving Images, and is a former SCUBA instructor. He’s been involved with Friday Night at the Meaningful Movies and The Meaningful Movies Project since their inceptions. His primary focus now is seeding and interlinking Meaningful Movies around the world.



Kit Burns
Kit Burns is a retired Architect who spent most of his years of practice designing educational projects, starting out designing elementary schools, middle schools, and then finally high schools. He has been with Meaningful Movies for the past eight years. He focuses on documentaries with themes that are often not covered in the mainstream media – documentaries that tie together the arc of the world as it is. In his spare time he reads books on similar issues that affect the world and public at large. Topics of primary interest are related to environment, food and what we eat, media and what we know, banking and how we are affected by banking interests, privatization of public commons, and politics.

Tanya Maurer
Tanya Maurer, a retired clinical psychologist, grew up in northern Texas where she felt topographically deprived. After many moves, including Tripoli, Libya and Alaska, she found the verdant Northwest where she’s lived for the past thirty years. Her interest in film and social justice issues began in the 60’s. Currently she’s keenly interested in documentaries about past and potential problems associated with nuclear power and weaponry, conservation of habitat and species, and with facilitating nonviolent resolutions to problems among humans.

Dwight Rousu
Two score and nine years ago, Dwight graduated in math from VU in Valparaiso, Indiana, which is 5222 miles north of Valparaiso, Chile. He spent two years in the Peace Corps in the Philippines working with secondary school math instruction. He then came back in country and artfully dodged the Viet Nam draft by going to work for Boeing. Some years were spent with commercial airplanes, helping get people together. Other years were spent in the military division, helping blow people apart. After 40 years of that, he retired to try to do something useful. Being a party animal, he joined the Green Party, the Democratic Socialist Party, and the Democratic Party where he is active in the 48th district and the county. As an officer of the Engineering Retirees Society Dwight has made yearly trips to the marbled halls of Washington DC to protect pensions, social security, and Medicare from the corporatist thieves lurking on K street. He has a personal interest in getting big anonymous money out of politics so the U.S. can try democracy, and see if then we can save the species from extinction due to climate change, overpopulation, or nuclear war. He also likes jazz and blackberry pie.