Start Your Own Meaningful Movies Group

Neighbor to neighbor, friend to friend…

Meaningful Movies started in 2003 as a project of the Wallingford Neighbors for Peace and Justice in Seattle, Washington. In 2012 the Meaningful Movies Project was created to help other communities establish venues of their own and to provide ongoing support to the Meaningful Movies Network.  By 2016 the project had grown to 18 venues; by 2017 to 21 venues; by 2018 to 24 venues; and in 2019 we were at 29 venues. Because of the pandemic, some of those groups went on hold but most groups now support online film events. 

At each Meaningful Movies event, people are learning about important issues, building community and finding ways to support peace and justice through Meaningful Movies events! Neighbor to neighbor, friend to friend, one conversation at a time, Meaningful Movies is helping people learn to love each other better. Join us!

If you would like to start your own Meaningful Movies group, you can learn more here or you can contact The conversations that are happening at Meaningful Movies events – about climate change, racial justice, immigrant rights, economic justice, and so many other topics – are more important than ever. We hope that you are inspired by these events and decide to join us as a volunteer!


What people are saying about Meaningful Movies…


“Every time I’ve seen a film at Meaningful Movies, I’ve left with my mind and heart expanded, with a clear idea of actions I could take to make a difference.”

-Margaret, Wallingford Meaningful Movies Attendee


“As a venue leader, I know that we need more places for people to engage in important discussions about the challenges that our world is facing. I also know that because of the extensive network of volunteers and our varied community contacts, that the network is able to work with many other social justice organizations.  These partner organizations help publicize events to their clients, ensuring that venues serve diverse groups of community members. Each venue develops their own relationships with social justice allies … including them as guest speakers at the MM events and often working with them to choose the films to be shown, organize the events and advertise to the groups they serve and the larger community. Each venue is different, but we are all working together to try and support true democracy, peace and justice for all. The Meaningful Movies Project has allowed us to work together as a network and as a community to do this…This organization is helping to change the world for the better – through the incredible movies that we show, the powerful conversations that are happening at our events, the relationships that are being formed and through calls to action.”

-Beth Brunton, Venue Leader, Mt Baker Meaningful Movies


“Meaningful Movies Tacoma has been my passion for the last five years after meeting Rick and Diane Turner. Rick compelled a small group of social activists in Tacoma, Washington to become a satellite of the Meaningful Movies Project in 2015. It served our purpose to bring citizens together for non-partisan conversations at a time when it seemed needed and expedient… We are connecting more people each month with organizations doing work in many arenas and connecting neighbor to neighbor to hear their stories. We are changing the way people think about social justice issues and giving them ways to engage… After screening the film “13th” by Director Ava Duvernay. one man courageously stood up and told the audience, ‘I have served in the army in Viet Nam; I am a father; I have worked at my job for 30 years and still when I walk out of this theater, I will only be seen as a black man.’ He encouraged others to speak about their fear of police brutality. It was a memorable night for all of us.”

– Diane Tilstra, Venue Leader, Tacoma Meaningful Movies