Four steps to get started



First, spend some time on this website and explore what others are doing. Is there a group already in your area that you could join up with?

Attend a Meaningful Movies event, or several different ones, if you can. Each will likely be organized differently. What might work for you?

If you wish, you’re welcome to participate at our venue to get a hands-on, first-person perspective. You can do this for interest, as an orientation, or as part of training.

Be sure to carefully review:

  1. The sections contained in the website menu under “About Us”, (
  2. The sections contained in the website menu under “Start A Group”, (


Assess your resources and goal:

  1. Goals -What is your end goal in doing this? Do you have a specific area of activism that you wish to address? Or are you more interested in community building or providing a more general social justice advocacy or education?
  2. Human resources – Will you be doing this with others? By yourself? While it appears fairly straight-forward, organizing community cinema can take a substantial amount of time and energy.
  3. Frequency – Are you anticipating doing this weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or on some other schedule?
  4. Venue – Do you have a location in mind? What are the pros & cons of the various locations you’re considering? You might look at “Selecting A Venue” and the “Venue Selection Checklist” under “Info and Resources” on the menu.
  5. Equipment – Do you have access to video projection and sound equipment? (Where geographically feasible, we can provide you temporary loan of these.)
  6. Promotion – Have you considered how to get the word out about your events? Once you’ve signed up with us as a Meaningful Movies group, you’ll be able to upload your events to the website.
  7. Organizing & Facilitation – How do you feel about organizing and facilitating discussions? Discussion is the essence of Meaningful Movies. The films gather and focus, but it’s the conversations that build community and do the work. These discussions can range from very simple ‘living room’ chats, to panel discussions with formal Q&A, to playing ‘meaningful games.’


Fill out an Application at the end of the “Start A Group” drop-down menu located at the top of the Meaningful Movies Home Page. This also contains preliminary information we need to begin setting up your Group page. Note that this includes accepting our “Participation Agreement”.


After you’ve heard from us regarding your application, please provide the setup information requested in “Your Group Page Information” (we’ll send this to you). We’ll use this to establish your Group Home Page on the Meaningful Movies website ( This will then:

  • Allow you to upload your film/discussion events.
  • Give you access to the Dashboard side of the site where useful resources can be found and resources and strategies are shared.
  • Establish permissions for your Group Administrator(s) and the other Members of your organizing group.
  • Allow you to enroll your other group members in our internal messaging system.
  • List you under “Find A Group” and locate you on our web map.

Once your Group Home Page is live on the site, please carefully review it to verify that the information is correct. Please let us know if changes are required.


After your Group Home Page is in place, you’re ready to start uploading your events to the site.  We’ll provide you with instructions on this process and help guide you along the way.  Here’s what you’ll see:

  • On the Meaningful Movies Home Page, your upcoming events are displayed along with each film’s Feature Image.  Each event is linked to a more detailed Event Page.  This is also linked to your Group Home Page, where all your upcoming and past events are displayed.
  • Your Event Page will include the film’s trailer, a detailed description of the film, a list of any guests and sponsors, an opportunity to add resource materials to prepare attendees for a more engaging discussion, and a link to your Facebook Page.
    There’s also a Comment and Conversation section associated with each film screening, where your attendees can continue the conversation they started following your screening.  This is also a great place for general comments and for additional resources that can be added by anyone. You maintain full moderation authority of both posts and participants to remove or block if ever needed.
  • Your Group’s events will be listed with all other events on the “Calendar of Events.”
  • Geographically, your Group venue location will be located on the Map in the “Find a Group” section.
  • Only Meaningful Movies members can access our Forums section. This is a place you will find:
    • Useful information, tools, and instructions – this continually grows, including your contributions.
    • A place to discuss issues with other members in your Group and other Groups.
    • A place to share.
    • Our Messaging system forms an internal social networking system with members of your Group and other Groups within the Network.

And we are always available to answer questions, or provide additional instruction.
Also see: How We Can Help.