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It’s easy to start. It doesn’t need to be big. You don’t need a large budget. You could even seed this in your living room and relocate later to another location as you grow.

This is a wonderful way to build community. Films can inspire, educate, illuminate.  And the experience can be so much more meaningful if it’s shared with others, especially if it’s followed by dialog generated around the issues brought out in the film. The community you build and the friends you make in the process are the best rewards of all.

We at The Meaningful Movies Project are here to assist however we can.  We’re here to answer questions and help you problem solve.  Collectively, through the outreach provided by the Meaningful Movies Network, we work together to support one another.

Our website is designed to be very easy to use, to set up your own Group Page, and to upload your film/discussion events.  All Meaningful Movies groups work together to jointly promote one another, to share information and resources and problem solve.

After you’ve looked over the website and the materials provided, feel free to contact us. Or just fill out the Application Form, and we’ll be glad to contact you to help you get started..


  • Meaningful Movies groups typically organize ongoing social justice documentary film/discussion events that are held on a regular, recurring schedule – weekly, monthly, quarterly, or seasonally.
  • Occasionally we help support single film-related events for social justice groups, but these are only done by special request and not our primary mission.
  • Meaningful Movies are intended to provide free venues that are open to the public.  While groups cannot charge for events, they may state a suggested donation with no one refused admittance – our intent is to provide these venues for anyone, regardless of means, and without stigma.
  • All work is done by volunteers from the community, and funded by donations directly from attendees.  These funds go towards sustaining the film/discussion series. Each Meaningful Movies venue is organized and supported as a sustainable resource for that community, and is in turn owned and supported by that community.
  • We work together. We commit to supporting one another collectively. We work for a common purpose and for our own efforts to be truly successful, we all must be successful.
  • Please take a look at our Principles in place for Meaningful Movies venues.
    We have a registered trademark on the name “Meaningful Movies” in any form and protect it vigorously. We have absolutely no interest in franchising this idea – quite the contrary.  But, we do want to be absolutely sure this name and concept are maintained in perpetuity for groups that agree to work within our guidelines. You can review the Limited_Licensing for the use of the name “Meaningful Movies”.
  • We want to strongly encourage anyone who might be considering jumping in.  But starting a new Meaningful Movies group along with its ongoing care and feeding is far more work than tossing a DVD into a player and assuming that “they will come.” It requires commitment and work.  But the rewards are profound. This is an amazing vehicle for social change. And it’s also tremendously fun and extremely gratifying.

On the How It Works page you can view a list of things to consider.

Our primary mission at The Meaningful Movies Project is to help you build a successful and sustainable event series. We’re here to help you along the way.