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5th Annual Social Justice Film Festival – 2016

by October 1, 2016 0

October 14th – 25th

Judging for the 2016 SJFF is done and filmmakers are sending in their press material and films.

This year’s Social Justice film Festival presents a program that includes powerful films on worker rights, immigration, prisoner justice, privacy and surveillance, union struggle, reproductive rights, cyberbullying, Black Lives Matter, Native American rights, police violence, refugees, trafficking, financial control and austerity, shoreline restoration, disability rights, ending war, and more.

Don’t miss this amazing film fest!

More information is available at:

The Full Program is available: HERE

Fri., Oct. 14, 6:15 pm, University Christian Church
Screening with: Limpiadores and Poison Control

Join us for refreshments, several stellar films, and a lively panel
discussion on worker justice.
East of Salinas follows an undocumented 3rd grader whose
dreams are threatened by deportation and gang violence.
(Laura Pacheco and Jackie Mow, 72 min, USA).
Limpiadores captures a labor conflict between the invisible
migrants who clean offices and their university employer.
(Fernando L. González Mitjáns, 40 min, UK/Colombia/Brazil)
Poison Control tells the story of three farmworkers’ painful
experiences with pesticide drift. (Nate Midgley, 14 min, USA).

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