Congratulations to you for becoming part of the Meaningful Movies network! The information below will establish your Group Page on the Meaningful Movies webpage (
It will also identify your Group Administrator(s), enroll Members, and grant access to the Dashboard and Forums sides of the site.
Your group will be listed under ‘Find A Group’ & located on the web map (, allow you to upload events, and give you access to the internal messaging system.

    (To properly set up your Group Home Page, ALL INFORMATION IS REQUIRED, unless noted - Thanks)

    (e.g., Kirkland Meaningful Movies, or Meaningful Movies in Kirkland.)

    (e.g., "Films + Discussion on the 3rd Sat evening of each month, open to the public, admission by donation (no one refused entry)” (specifics on times & dates can be added later if unknown at this time)

    (You can see an example at

    (Please provide street, city, state, ZIP - Please include name of venue if available)

    (if this isn’t available, it can be added later)

    Please provide name, address, personal email & phone# (additional Group Administrators can be listed below)

    Where you will recieve snail mail, (not necessarily your venue address)

    To be listed on the website and on your Group Home Page

    Please provide name, street, city, state, ZIP, personal email & phone# for each person. 'Group Admins' have permission to upload events to your group page and the website, as well as access to the Forums and messaging. Some groups assign 'Admin' function to just one individual to upload and keep all event & group info current. Others spread this out to multiple members. This is your group’s choice, and can be changed either way at a later date.

    Please provide name, street, city, state, ZIP, personal email & phone# for each person. Typically, thius is the remainder of your organizing group, who will be granted access to the Forums (and messaging system), but do not need to uploade events or Group Admin privileges. (These can be added or changed later, as well)

    When you have your first film scheduled, let us know and we’ll send you instructions on how to upload film events, and assist you in the process.

    It’s exciting that you’ll be doing this. We hope this will be a very rewarding endeavor and a lot of fun for you and your community. If there’s anything we can help with, please let us know.

    Thanks again!
    The Meaningful Movies Team

    (Be sure to save the information on this page for your records!)

    Next Steps:

    • Orientation to the Dashboard
    • How to upload events
    • How to use the Forums
    • How to use the messaging tools
    • General Operations
      • Finding a film
      • Etc.