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Rick Turner

by January 2, 2017 22


RICK TURNER, founder and director of the Meaningful Movies Project, passed away in December 2016. Rick was passionate about and tirelessly committed to the vision for Meaningful Movies: educating people about social justice issues by showing free documentary films, while at the same time building bonds between people by promoting community discussion. In the last years of his life, Rick was Meaningful Movies’ full-time volunteer.

Over the course of 14 years, Rick’s vision, commitment, hard work and financial support expanded this organization from one venue to 22 venues. In 2016 alone, the venues screened 160 documentaries with over 8,000 people in attendance.

The Meaningful Movies Project requests your help to sustain and grow this important community-building tool. Funds are needed to pay for basic expenses – city and state business and license fees, website maintenance, website hosting and software subscriptions, essential equipment for new venues, etc. – as well as to hire an employee who can take over much of the work that Rick was performing:  supporting new venues that are waiting to come on board, providing operational support to existing venues, managing the weekly eNews, updating the blog, and managing our website, among other things. Rick was doing all of this and more.

Your donations will help us continue our mission to use the power of social justice documentary film and community discussion to organize, educate, advocate and build positive and meaningful community.  THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!


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  1. Linda B.
    #1 Linda B. 2 January, 2017, 17:38

    I attended many meaningful movies in Wallingford and appreciate that Rick Turner held a space for the activist community for so many years. He and Diane were happy to share videos with Eastside FOR so others could share information and inspiration. It was brilliant to feature talks by the directors of the documentaries, too. He will be missed — and remembered.

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  2. BARB
    #2 BARB 2 January, 2017, 18:02

    Loved the Friday night movies when I lived in Des Moines. June Schumacher and I would go a lot. April Quint introduced us to them. Yes, Rick will be greatly missed.

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  3. MikeMc
    #3 MikeMc 2 January, 2017, 18:20

    I am so sorry to hear about Rick’s passing. He was synonymous with the Meaningful Movie movement, helped me with lining up numerous guests for my radio show and even offered help with my ailing Mom. My condolences to his family and friends.

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  4. Paul Richmond
    #4 Paul Richmond 2 January, 2017, 18:36

    Very sorry to hear about Rick’s passing

    He had a huge impact on a lot of people

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  5. Todd Boyle
    #5 Todd Boyle 2 January, 2017, 20:05

    Such a brilliant man. A man of his times, knew the potential of the movie project in 2002 and executed perfectly. Many of us were just burning copies of DVDs but Rick insisted on paying not only for retail DVDs, but screening and lending permissions. The library now has 1000 titles. Amazing. Rick moderated the open discussions after each movie, brilliantly. Love you RICK TURNER! Presente.

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  6. Tom B.
    #6 Tom B. 2 January, 2017, 20:30

    Rick was not only a compassionate activist, but a true organizer in a way very few people can manage. He had a generous warm spirit and I was always glad to see him. His work lives on

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  7. Michael Tivana
    #7 Michael Tivana 2 January, 2017, 20:39

    Rick was alert to the fact that so many people have so much to say and he always squeezed in as many people as he could for each presentation. Truly a community spirit that will be missed and remembered each time we consume one of the documentaries that we find so meaningful.

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  8. Louise Lansberry
    #8 Louise Lansberry 2 January, 2017, 20:47

    What a gift Rick, Diane and members of the Meaningful Movies
    Project have given to Seattle and the Puget Sound area. My sincere thanks to all of you. I’m so sorry we lost Rick.
    The project grew out of the Garfield event sponsored by SNOW back in December of 2002. As we face this crisis of Trump and company, perhaps we need to organize a similar gathering.

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  9. Lynn
    #9 Lynn 2 January, 2017, 23:10

    I had not even known Rick was sick so this comes as a great shock to me. Rick was always unfailingly positive and really in carrying this out for so long contributed in a profound way to the political awareness of hundreds of people which is a very significant way of organizing. He also spawned an idea which has spread widely. I hope we can all take inspiration from Rick to make a difference in the world.

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  10. judith
    #10 judith 3 January, 2017, 00:19

    So very sorry to learn of Rick’s passing. His brilliant Meaningful Movies project has had a profound and lasting impact on so many lives. I counted him as a friend in the quest to bring truth and understanding to complex issues. His “little” project has spread far and wide, educating many. He will be missed.

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  11. Linda
    #11 Linda 3 January, 2017, 08:32

    We have all been so blessed to have known and loved Rick. The entire Pacific Northwest was blessed by his and Diane’s generous energy and time and vision. Even after his lungs were found to be inflamed and in danger, he kept taking care of us and getting new groups started around the Pacific NW. We are better people because of his caring to educate us. I’m sure whether on Earth or in Heaven he would still be every bit as busy making anywhere he is a truly and deeply better place.

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  12. Anne
    #12 Anne 3 January, 2017, 10:20

    Rick was an extraordinary person. He was generous, loving, compassionate, and deeply committed to making the world a better place for all people. We will miss him.

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  13. Erika Berg
    #13 Erika Berg 3 January, 2017, 10:56

    I was deeply saddened to read yesterday of Rick’s passing and am grateful for this opportunity to respond. Rick’s tireless commitment to increasing awareness of social justice issues and helping mobilize support for worthy causes was unparalleled in our community. I collaborated with him on six Meaningful Movies’ screenings + panel discussions and, each time, was reminded of what an extraordinarily compassionate and committed human being he was. He will be sorely missed!

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  14. Rodger & Ruth Stevens
    #14 Rodger & Ruth Stevens 3 January, 2017, 14:28

    Words are not adequate to express our deep sorrow and sense of loss for Rick. To Diane and the rest of Rick’s family, please know you are in our thoughts and prayers not only for comfort at this difficult time but also in appreciation for your support of Rick’s work when he was with us. Although we got to meet him in person only once, he was always ready to respond to requests for help and guidance as we began the Vancouver Chapter of MM. We hope the MM Board of Directors will deem it appropriate to set up a memorial fund for all who are now committed to giving extra impetus to realizing Rick’s vision to promote social, economic and environmental justice through community education and conversation.

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  15. Eric Smith
    #15 Eric Smith 3 January, 2017, 18:25

    Rick’s co-founding and seemingly tireless commitment to the Meaningful Movies Project is a real gift, a legacy he left behind for the community.
    A few years ago, he met with a couple of us with Sustainable Ballard to help us get going with a Ballard MM. We finally launched last year, as did numerous other neighborhoods.
    The news of his passing saddens me. I will miss him.

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  16. Christian R.
    #16 Christian R. 4 January, 2017, 00:30

    I deeply mourn that Rick passed away. My heart goes out to Diane and Rick’s family. Words can hardly describe what Rick and Diane and other contributors have meant to me, as I have attended Meaningful Movies almost weekly since early 2007. To me it has been and continues to be a spiritual home and place of immense learning and wisdom. I will forever remember Rick. May his spirit live on in his generous work that shall continue to inspire many more people in the years to come.

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  17. Tania Buivydas
    #17 Tania Buivydas 5 January, 2017, 20:08

    Rick Turner will forever be with us. His legacy of increasing awareness of Social Justice through film is awesome. In the short time that I had the honor to be involved in Rick`s life as one of his nurses I found him to be a beautiful human being, and my heart goes out to Diane and his family.

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  18. Katherine Ransel
    #18 Katherine Ransel 6 January, 2017, 21:35

    Rick had a light inside him that shone on us all and a burning fire in his belly for justice. He had so much energy — which he shared generously for the cause of the good. He was pure energy for justice and love. Look what he and his band of merry movie mavens have done! Diane, thank you for sharing Rick with all of us for so long and for all the work you have done to make meaningful movies a going and lasting concern. We love you both.

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  19. Joanne W
    #19 Joanne W 13 January, 2017, 17:40

    Thank You, Rick. You will be so missed by so many; you will live on in our community, discussions, hopes for the future and our activism. I was fortunate to have known you.

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  20. eddep
    #20 eddep 20 January, 2017, 19:05

    He and his dedication and compassion will be sorely missed. He did some very fine work in the life he was given.

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  21. Kimi
    #21 Kimi 5 February, 2017, 15:08

    What an amazing, wonderful, unforgettable inspiration you’ve been to me and whole communities far and wide! Rick. Thank you and your family for leaving us this rich human legacy of social justice education thru films, community building, discussion, and treats. Rick, your hearts, smarts, humor, and personal kindness are legendary, dude! Thank you for your generosity supreme.

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  22. Ruth
    #22 Ruth 25 February, 2017, 13:16

    I was inspired to get out and do something because of the Meaningful Movies that Rick and Diane organized and hosted at the Keystone Church for so many years. I will miss him, but will work to make sure that his legacy will be continued and expanded!

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