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Port Townsend Screening of 2040 – By Matthew Valerie

by July 20, 2021 0

The Port Townsend Meaningful Movies event for the documentary film “2040” was held on July 11, 2021 and was moderated by Julia Cochrane and Peg Hunter.

The film begins with director Damon Gameau, introducing him and his family. He shows a concern for the future and how climate change will affect his young daughter. After explaining how this issue began, he states that he wanted to find a solution, not wanting to show a negative light towards the environment.

Any solution towards curbing climate change in the future, has to be within our hands, using the tools we already have in the modern day. I think this makes finding a solution as something attainable, something that anyone can do. Throughout the film, there is much emphasis on “we”, what “we” as the human population can do together, to solve these environmental issues. 

After highlighting major contributors to climate change such as vehicle usage, agriculture and meat consumption, he offers possible solutions to them, such as ride sharing, eating less meat, and increasing plant diversity. He stated that the biggest way to reduce the effects of climate change is by encouraging girls and educating girls on these issues. In closing the film, he ends on a positive note, and shows products that are made using organic products.

Throughout the film, he asks children his daughter’s age how they feel about climate change and its impact on their lives. By asking children around the world what kind of future they want to see, I think it gives the viewing audience a sense of hope that children are aware of what’s going on, and can inspire hope in that way.

Following the screening, we had a discussion about the film and ways that we can fight climate change and its effects. One possible solution that was brought was organic farming. Shopping at local grocery stores was another possible solution. During the discussion, the issue of natural resources was also brought up, as someone had brought up the Michael Moore documentary, “Planet of the Humans”, where he stated natural resources wouldn’t last past 20 years.

The group was glad that the movie was action oriented, by bringing up what people could do, rather than just talk about the issue. There was also discussion on how to get younger people involved in the movement against climate change.

For more information on climate change and how you can be involved, some links are provided below:

  • A similar film you can watch is, “What is Going on in the Arctic”

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