Our History

Meaningful Movies – Past and Present

Meaningful Movies started in 2003 as a project of the Wallingford Neighbors for Peace and Justice in Seattle, Washington. In 2012 the Meaningful Movies Project was created by Rick Turner to help other communities establish venues of their own and to provide ongoing support to the Meaningful Movies Network.  By 2016 the project had grown to 18 venues; by 2017 to 21 venues; by 2018 to 24 venues; and we’ve kept on growing. In 2019 we’ve added venues in the University District, Capitol Hill and Lower Queen Anne neighborhoods in Seattle, in Spokane, in Walla Walla, and in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. We are also processing applications for groups in Clallam County and Renton in Washington State.

Rick Turner, founder of The Meaningful Movies Project, passed away on December 16, 2016. We, at the Meaningful Movies Project, continue to be grateful to Rick for his love and compassion and for his passionate and tireless commitment to the vision for Meaningful Movies: educating people about social justice issues, while at the same time building bonds between people.  And to have fun while doing it! Rick ignited an amazing spark and grew it into a fire that is now nurturing communities far and wide. 

At each Meaningful Movies Venue, people are learning about important issues, building community and finding ways to support peace and justice through Meaningful Movies events! Neighbor to neighbor, friend to friend, one conversation at a time, Meaningful Movies is helping people learn to love each other better. Join us!