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Network-Wide Film Screenings at Multiple Venues

by November 27, 2015 1

So far, we’ve considered:

  • More Than Honey – A suscessful efort with 8 of our venues, Summer of 2014.
  • This Changes Everything – Currently under way at 12 venues.
  • Just Eat It – Scheduled for sometime about May of 2016.
  • Others you might suggest??

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  1. Heidi Wills
    #1 Heidi Wills 27 February, 2016, 16:23

    Hi Meaningful Movies, I was referred to you by SIFF Northwest in my search to find a venue to show a film at no cost to the general public called “Sonic Seas.” I had occasion to watch it recently at a house party, and there were experts there in marine mammals from the NRDC, the National Resources Defense Council.

    It’s a one-hour documentary made by the NRDC to raise awareness about how our seas have become deafening loud to whales, dolphins and other sea life due to sonar used by the Navy, underwater bombs used by oil exploration companies looking for natural resources under the sea floor, and mostly from shipping containers, where there’s at least 6,000 crossing the seas at any given moment.

    By raising awareness, there are measures (that cost money) in the last two cases, to mitigate and lower these harmful effects. It takes will. And people are currently unaware of this situation in order to demand that action be taken.

    Will you please consider showing this film? We already have the permission of the NRDC which owns the rights to the film.

    Thank you for your consideration.

    Heidi Wills Yamada

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