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Maltby Meaningful Movies

22105 East Lost Lake Road Snohomish, WA

About Our Group:

Maltby Meaningful Movies screens climate and social justice documentaries quarterly. A discussion will be hosted after each film, at which people can ask questions, explore their feelings about the issue at hand, and learn about others’ viewpoints. Our group is made up of volunteers and we don’t have a political or religious motivation—our sole motivation is to help create a well-informed, thoughtful citizenry.

Screening Location: 22105 East Lost Lake Road, Snohomish, WA, 98296, Snohomish Co.


Our Upcoming Events

  • Snohomish, WA
    Friday | 1/4/2019 | 6:30 PM

    Reinventing Power

    "Reinventing Power" is a fascinating look at ways that clean, cheap, and renewable power can help to clean the air and provide family wage jobs. Please...

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Our Past Events

  • Maltby Meaningful Movies
    Friday | 10/5/2018 | 6:00 PM
    22105 East Lost Lake Road Snohomish, WA

    Before the Flood

    Come learn about I-1631!  Join us for "Before the Flood," a movie about climate change and carbon pricing as a method of curbing climate change....

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  • Maltby Meaningful Movies
    Friday | 7/6/2018 | 6:30 PM
    22105 East Lost Lake Road Snohomish, WA

    A Plastic Ocean

    Please join Maltby Meaningful Movies for a showing of "A Plastic Ocean," an astonishing and highly motivating documentary about the effects of plastics on our...

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