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(Click HERE to watch the 2021 MMP Awards Celebration Video)

On October 27th, the Meaningful Movies Project (MMP) hosted its 3rd Annual Awards Celebration. For those of you who are still learning about the Meaningful Movies Project – it is a network of volunteer-run neighborhood venues that are organizing, educating, and advocating for a more peaceful and just world by showing inspirational social justice documentaries followed by facilitated conversation and a call to action.

The volunteer leaders at MMP understand that truth and community are fundamental building blocks of real democracy. By supporting independent media and fostering important conversations about social justice issues that are often ignored by mainstream media, they are helping to inspire families, friends, neighbors, and communities to work for the common good. By creating spaces – whether online or in person – where people can come to know each other, learn about pressing issues, and talk to one another about hard topics, they are helping to bridge divides, strengthen community, build understanding, and find common cause.

Jode Littlepage, the MMP manager describes the Awards Celebration as MMP’s opportunity to say THANK YOU to all of the amazing people who make their work possible – especially the amazing filmmakers, and representatives from partner organizations that make it possible for their incredible community of volunteers to produce events! At this event, Jode, MMP Board Members, volunteers and award winners – past and present – came together to celebrate 18 years of incredible work!

Special guests who attended last night’s Zoom event included Robert Greenwald (2021 Filmmaker of the Year); Michelle Storms (Executive Director, ACLU Washington – 2021 Organization of the Year); Eric Stange (2021 Turner Legacy Award Winner); Michael Peterson (2020 Environmental Impact Award Winner); Cindy Black (Executive Director, Fix Democracy First – 2020 Organization of the Year); Alanna Tritt (Deputy Director, Social Justice Film Festival – 2019 Organization of the Year); Tomasz Biernacki (2019 Emergent Filmmaker of the Year).

If you are interested in screening social justice documentaries for your communities and you want to connect with a network of like minded individuals who understand that film can be an incredibly powerful catalyst for change, the Meaningful Movies Project wants to help.  Contact or visit their website at

List of 2021 Award Winners:

Filmmaker of the Year, Robert Greenwald Filmmaker of the Year is presented to persons whose dedication and talent enlighten us with a timely and unique presentation of important social justice messages.  The 2021 winner is Robert Greenwald for his extraordinary body of work provided for free to audiences around the world via Brave New Films – including his latest production, Racially Charged: America’s Misdemeanor Problem.

Film of the Year, True Justice directed by George Kunhardt, Peter W. Kunhardt, Teddy Kunhardt Film of the Year is chosen for the work which has best expressed the mission of MMP to build positive and meaningful community in a more just and peaceful world; showing us how independent documentary film can help us do better in loving and caring for all people by focusing our attention on issues perhaps less well-covered in mainstream media. The beautiful and incredibly important film, True Justice, is Meaningful Movies 2021 Film of the Year!

Social Justice Impact Award, Coded Bias, directed by Shalini Kantayya – One concept of Social Justice holds that all people should have equal access to wealth , health, wellbeing, justice and opportunity.  Our Social Justice Impact Award is presented to the film that most effectively focuses our energy on one or more of these tenants, covering issues that have struggled for our attention in the past. The powerful film, Coded Bias, has been recognized with the 2021 Social Justice Impact Award for its timely and urgent message.

Environmental Impact Award, 2040, directed by Damon Gameau – The Environmental Impact Award is given to the film which most effectively delivers the message of our common obligation to planetary stewardship and the interdependent links between all elements of nature. The film 2040 has been recognized with the 2021 Environmental Impact Award for its inspiring and hopeful message!

Organization of the Year, ACLU Washington – The Meaningful Movies Project network of local Groups typically work with over 100 partner organizations each year. Organization of the year is awarded to the group which has most effectively promoted the ideals of social justice in our community through efforts focused on tangible change while upholding a shared mission of peace and justice and care for our common humanity and world.

Turner Legacy Award, Eric Stange, director of Activized – The Turner Legacy Award is given to a filmmaker for work that reflects a deep commitment to peace and justice for all people and which also reflects the values of Rick and Diane Turner, the founders of the Meaningful Movies Project.  This year’s award is given to Eric Stange for his extraordinary work on the inspiring and beautiful film, Activized

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