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Juneteenth at the African American Museum

by June 29, 2021 0

On June 21st, there was a virtual Juneteenth Encore + Black Music Month Monday Program  which was presented by the Northwest African American Museum, Elliott Bay, and Wa Na Wari as part of  Juneteenth Week. Jaye Ware who is a frequent participant and speaker at Meaningful Movies events was one of the lead organizers of this incredible event.  There was a featured presentation by Paul Porter who is a captivating speaker and entertainment industry veteran.  Mr. Porter works to  empower students to shift their behavior patterns from consuming social media and entertainment to absorbing education. Author of the critically acclaimed book “BlackOut”, Paul Porter unveils the real nature and motivations behind the music that gets played on radio and TV.

During the event, Porter shared his first-hand experiences with detailed insight as an insider and decision-maker at the highest levels of the industry. A thought leader in the radio and music industry, Porter is a go-to expert on music, race and culture for major media outlets like CNN, MSNBC, Entertainment Tonight, FOX News, Billboard and Rolling Stone.

Many local celebrated artists including Jaye and CJ Dudley (who has spoken at several Meaningful Movies events) also performed as part of this online Juneteenth celebration. If you missed it, you can still access the event on Youtube:

“Juneteenth is a historical event. Juneteenth is a cultural holiday and Juneteenth is a reminder for us all,” said the Northwest African American Museum’s CEO LaNesha DeBardelaben. “Juneteenth (has moved) from being a historical moment to becoming a communal and collective mission for us all; and this mission is to advance justice and equity until it becomes real for all in our community.”

The Meaningful Movies Project is grateful to the Northwest African American Museum, Jaye Ware, local Meaningful Movies leaders as well as amazing nonprofits  who are celebrating Black culture and Juneteenth. Yes, it is important to bring awareness to the ways in which Black people in the U.S. have been systematically marginalized and oppressed. In order to work for peace and justice and heal ourselves, we must acknowledge the racism and violence that is part of our U.S. history. But we also need to celebrate Juneteenth and Black strength! The Meaningful Movies Project celebrates Black brilliance, artistry, and resilience through films like Mr SOUL!; Soundtrack for a Revolution; and No Time To Waste.

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