Meaningful Movies Toolkit

Click to access the Meaningful Movies Toolkit

The Meaningful Movies Toolkit is a guide to starting, supporting and developing Meaningful Movies venues! It is a place to access just about everything you will need to support your new or existing venue. It has tools and templates such generic scripts, pre-screening powerpoints, lists of suggested films, and much more! This is a living document and will change as we develop new resources.


Click to access  “MeaningfulMovies” Google Drive folder 

  • The MMP Google folder is for sharing content such as documents, flyers, meeting minutes, presentations, training materials, forms, and templates between MMP team members. It is not for use by the general public. Content intended for the general public will continue to be posted on our website, under the Info and Resources tab.
  • The Google Drive site is not intended for communication (i.e. as a substitute for email or forums). 
  • To access the Drive, you will need to have a Google Gmail account (free). If you prefer, there is no need to otherwise use the Google account.
  • The Google Drive site has subfolders for each neighborhood group to be accessed by members of the particular group only, as well as folders of general info which will be available to all members.  
  • Editable documents can be posted in your native file format (MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint).  Apple Mac users can convert to MS formats (Pages > Word, Numbers > Pages, Keynote > PowerPoint).  Those wishing to obtain and edit a copy can download and open them in their own favorite App.  Or they can open & edit the on-line file in a Google App (Docs, Sheets, Slides).
  • You can drag and drop files into the MMP Google folder in common formats (MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint). If you’re using Mac software, then export the file in a Microsoft format (Pages > MS Word, Numbers > MS Excel, Keynote >MS PowerPoint); you can then drag these exported MS files into the MMP Google folder.
  • To access files posted to the MMP Google folder, you can either download the file for your own use or open the file using the web-based Google Applications (Google Docs, Google Sheets or Google Slides), if you have editing permission.
  • Certain subfolders will be editable by all MMP team members (“2. Film – Selection, Sources, Rights” and “3. Event Staging – Flyers, Slides, Notes”). Other subfolders (“1. Meaningful Movie Project – General Info”, “4. MMP Steering Committee” and “5. Neighborhood Venue Groups” will be viewable but editing will be restricted to specific team members.