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      To find, go to : INFO & RESOURCES > STUDY GUIDES, or (https://meaningfulmovies.org/resources/study-guides/)
      It would be ideal if all films we show could also have associated Study Guides to supplement the information in the film, particularly for the benefit of the discussion. Making this info available to attendees prior to an event can help provide a much richer conversation, even if only a few actually read it. Posting it also makes the resource available for others later.
      Quite often, Study Guides are provided either by filmmakers or sponsoring organizations and posted on their websites; or sometimes by others accessible by a simple web-search (search terms: “film title” + “Study Guide”). And occasionally other documents you find can serve as a “study guide”, or additional supplement.
      The Study Guide is on the public side of the site, so changes need to be made by a site administrator. So if you find a Study Guide for a scheduled film, please send me (info@meaningfulmovies.org) the link and I’ll post and send you back a link so you can add to your promotional literature, including your description on the website event posting. (You can also get this straight from the Study Guide page).

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