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      If you’re uploading a film event that’s already been shown by another group within the network, there are likely Feature & Poster Images already in the website’s media library accessible from the ‘Dashboard’, or here: If you remove an image that you are reusing, be sure to remove this from your “Edit Event” page only; DO NOT REMOVE IT FROM THE “MEDIA LIBRARY” ITSELF. If you remove an image from the “Media Library”, it removes it from everyone else’s event, and is no longer available for others to use in the future.

      But be sure not to delete or change the other images you may find in the Media Library. These are incorporated into other Groups’ event postings.  IF you want to alter any of the images in the Media Library, please first copy these to your computer by right-clicking the image and clicking “Save as…”, altering as needed and uploading the modified image.

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