Publish vs Draft & Saving Your Work

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      On the right side of the “Edit Event” page, under “Publish”, one can toggle the “Status” between Draft & Publish. Changing the status to Draft allows you to temporarily remove an event from public view. This is also helpful to allow you to view your event briefly on the Home Page (be sure to change to “Draft” status again, or your temporary work will be publically visible). To temporarily view your “Event” page while building it, just “Save Draft”, and hit the “View Event” button in the top black administrator’s navigation bar.

      Be sure you hit the “SAVE DRAFT” as soon as you start entering data for a new event, and use it often. This can be very unforgiving. In various places (especially the Media Library), be sure to use the “X” in the corner of new windows to close them rather than the “Back” arrow or “Backspace” key. This could cause you to lose everything you haven’t previously saved.

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