Instructions for Uploading a Poster and Linking To It

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      Kanin Chen

      Uploading the Flyer:

      • I recommend using a pdf format to be sure the flyer is viewable, unalterable, and consistently printable by anyone.
      • Keep the flyer in the less-than-1MB range. This is easier for others to download and help you spread the word, and it’s a reasonable size to help save web storage space.
      • Log in, go to the Dashboard – click on “Meaningful Movies Project” at the left end of the black bar at the top.
      • Click on “Media”. At the top, click on the rectangular “Add New” button.
      • In the middle of the next screen, click on “Select Files”, and open the flyer file stored on your computer. After you open this, you’ll see your flyer icon appear in the Media Library (just a grey icon if it’s a pdf).
      • Click once on your flyer icon. On the right you will see a URL. Copy this URL, you’ll be embedding this in your event text.
      • Then close the insert “Attachment Details” window using the “X” on the upper right. If you haven’t saved your data and you just go back using your browser’s return arrow, you will lose your data. Save your data often – the site is notoriously unforgiving.

      Adding the URL to your event text:

      • Go to your Event Edit Page. Identify where you would like the link.
      • Open a new window and go to the Forums. Follow the instructions for “Making a link “live” within your text” located in the Forums under: “3. Helpful User Tips”/“Topics On: Website Management & Uploading Events”/ “Making a link “live” within your text” (located here:
      • One of the ways to add this to your text is to include the verbiage similar to: “Download the Flyer HERE. Help get the word out”. Then highlight the text “HERE”, and add the url for the flyer in the link box (the chain link icon) found at the top of your edit page in the edit menu. You may need to change the color of the link if it remains the same as the surrounding text.
      • Save/Update your work. Click on “View Event” at the top, and check to be sure it looks like you want it to, and the new link works.
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