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      Dwight Rousu

      The corporate controlled news limits topics and typically has slanted coverage.  There are many independent news sources who do great work in providing news and opinion over the web. Some of the best are reader supported to assure independence.  The Meaningful Movies web site has a page of such web sources of news and opinion.  The page lists links to help you go directly to the sites.  Finding the page is not completely intuitive, however.  The sequence below is intended to guide you to the page, should you like to be guided there.

      On the home page, look in the grey area.  Rest the cursor on the INFO & RESOURCES text icon.  Left click on the icon.  A new page will display.  Scroll down a while until you see a red link that says General Media Sites for News That Matters .  Left click on that link and a (.pdf) page will open that contains all the info.  If the text is too tiny to read, the  +  sign will magnify the image so you can actually read it.  The intent was to have live links on the page, but when I just tried to use them as links, it did not work on the .pdf page displayed.  Perhaps this can be upgraded.  For now, you can navigate to the sites using a search from the information on the page, or you can ask me for the Excel spreadsheet that does have active links.

      You now can get meaningful news whenever you want it.   Cheers.

      If you are aware of other valuable resources on the web that could be added to the list of sites, communicate those to us and we will consider adding them to the list on the web page.

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