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      Roco+Educational Great source of newly released films.  Most are available to us for $95 under the k-12 pricing.  If you order these, be sure to note this is for “Meaningful Movies”, and they’ll approve the discount.

      Media Education Foundation A very supportive distributor.  Their focus is primarily on media issues, but they cover a very wide array of topics, and typically produce high quality doc’s.  Most of their films are available to us at a very reasonable cost.
      Because of the economy, they have also begun distributing other filmmakers’ works. These are much more expensive. Until we get our Screening Rights working group up and running, if any of these titles look good, please contact

      Bullfrog Films (and Bullfrog Communities: Another great source and good friends of Meaningful Movies. Many, many films. We have an arrangement with them at ~$99 per film, and heavily discounted for additional screenings at other venues.

      Icarus Films A large selection of docs.

      POV (American Documentary) Good films, discussion guides and resources.  These films are made available free of charge.  There are a few hoops to jump through – sign up, get approved, survey the audience re: the screening, and return the DVD.
      Sign up here:  Our contact is Aubrey Gallegos (POV’s Community Engagement & Education Manager)  If you questions or need assistance, give a yell.

      Women Make Movies A multicultural, multiracial, producer and distributor of independent films by and about women.

      The Video Project Good films at a reasonable price.

      California Newsreel: Docs on African American life, history, racism and more.

      …more coming

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