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      When you enter your “Feature Image”, the required ratio of length to height should be 3w:2h (and at least 270 pixels x 180 pixels). Whatever is outside of this ratio will not be displayed. If you can control this ratio, it makes your predictability much better. The “Feature Image” display ratio is designed to be sure there is uniformity across all displays where multiple events are shown at one time, i.e., the Home Page, the images that stack on the email newsletter, the images displayed on our group pages, etc.
      See the section on using PixBuilder: HERE
      The primary use of the “Poster Image” is to break up the text and add additional interest to the specific event page. The minimum width is set at 250 pixels, but the ratio is not as important, and more of an aesthetic judgement on the group administrator’s part.

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      Dwight Rousu

      The words are here about feature images and poster images, and where they are used.  I think a good addition to make this clear would be example page images where each is used.   I have posted images for about 8 movies, but each time I do a new one I have forgotten how they are used.

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