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      Megan Dudley

      Hi all! Greetings from Ridgefield, the newest MM location. I am wondering what we can do to communicate easily? This forum is a great idea but it doesn’t look like it is being used. I’m wondering if people would use a listserv if I set it up? This would mean you would let me know what email you’d like to use and I would add you to a MMP group through google groups, we would have rules of engagement as outlined at the top of the forum. Communication would come to you via an email with the question, idea, or comment in the subject line. You can respond to all or take the conversation off line if it doesn’t pertain to everybody. You could participate as much or as little as you like and if the volume is overwhelming, you could opt-out or direct the emails to a folder so it wouldn’t clog your email.

      thanks, Megan Dudley

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      Jeni Woock

      Hi Megan,

      I would really appreciate a reach out to me and responsive form of communication.  It needs to be easy for folks to use.

      Sign me up for a responsive communication method.  An easy way to communicate with each other would be beneficial to MMP, I think.  I’m all for giving it a try.

      Thank you for thinking about this.

      Jeni Woock

      MM Gig Harbor



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      Jack F

      Thanks Megan and Jeni for your input- the standard email capability within WordPress (the App with which our site was created) is very limited. We do have email but no distribution list or attachment capability. If you hover on your name in the upper right you will see a drop down – select “Messages”. From there you select Compose to create a new message or go to your Inbox etc.  Your messaging can be set up to forward to your personal email account or not.

      On our list of many website enhancements is to find a plug-in for better email App.  We are also working on some database type film  resource systems that would link to the site. The forums are a quandary- they are there but as mentioned are hardly used.

      Jack F.



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      Jeni Woock

      Hi Jack and Megan;

      I don’t know then answer.  This was my process to reply.  I received a notice from Jack that he had replied to the forum.  I clicked on the email link.  Needed to put in my password.  It did not seem I could access the forum…suspect that is my issue.

      Anyway, I went back into my email and re-clicked on the forum link and now I am replying to Jack’s email. Folks do not like to click more than one time.  I don’t know how many folks remember their password.

      However it can happen to be easy for folks to connect would be so good.

      Enjoy your evening.  Jeni

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      Megan Dudley

      The email blasts that Diane has been sending seem to be getting the word out. As a newbie, I hesitate to pose questions to the group that way as my questions at this point are probably old news to most. Jeni has been so wonderful to let me email her when things come up.



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