Reply To: A Plastic Ocean

Jim Little

The documentary “Albatross” also addresses plastic pollution in our oceans.  

Based on the trailer, it looks like a beautiful, heart-wrenching film.

I believe Chris Jordan is a local filmmaker:

Ocean Plastic Pollution Resources

Parley for the Oceans: Cyrill Gutsch, Lea Stepken, and their visionary organization Parley for the Oceans, are collaborating with industry, governments, creators, thinkers, and leaders around the globe to protect oceans and solve ocean plastic pollution from the inside out. Parley also supports lots of ocean-related artistic projects, and has been a major supporter of ALBATROSS for several years.

5Gyres:  Marcus Ericksen and Anna Cummins are two of the world’s most respected marine scientists studying ocean plastic pollution. Their website at is chock full of articles, videos, and other resources:

Plastic Soup Foundation: founded by Maria Westerbos, PSF is a powerful activism group centered in Amsterdam with a global reach. Their website is loaded with valuable information about ocean plastic pollution.

Plastic Pollution Coalition
: a global org co-founded by Manuel Maqueda after our first trip to Midway; devoted to all facets of plastic pollution, including guides for anti-plastic activism in your school/campus/town. Headed by our close friend Dianna Cohen:

Plastic Change International: Dear friend Henrik Beha Pedersen, based in Copenhagen, is a passionate ocean sailor and plastic pollution activist. His org is taking the lead on ocean plastic pollution in Scandinavia.

Bag It: a touching and funny documentary film about ocean plastic pollution, directed by Suzan Beraza and filmed by ALBATROSS lead cinematographer Jim Hurst: