Reply To: Web site bugs or recommended enhancements

Dwight Rousu

My first entry in bugs/features:   Topic:   Event Tags not downselected for event

Date:  18 April 2017

Type:   bug

Priority:    ordinary

Aspects affected:   event entry,   event data to public,  tag search

When posting an event, there is a place to select EVENT TAGS for the movie and event.  Entry selection of tags is mostly easy, or can be figured out.  However, when looking later at an event that has been posted, ALL of the event tags that are known to the system show up on every movie that gets posted, not just the tags that have been selected for the event by the poster.

Having just the tags that are relevant to each event would be informative to people visiting the site, and would support later searches by tags if they are fully implemented later.

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