Reply To: Digital Disconnect: How Capitalism is Turning the Internet Against Democracy

Kanin Chen

New film – may not be released yet. I have not seen, but sounds amazing.

“Digital Disconnect, based on McChesney’s critically acclaimed book of the same title, argues that the revolutionary and democratizing potential of the Internet has been blunted by consumer capitalism and corporate power. In a sweeping analysis that moves from the birth of the Internet as a government-subsidized military technology to the explosion of social media today, McChesney shows how a sharp decline in enforcement of antitrust violations, an increase in patents on digital technology and proprietary systems, and massive corporate subsidies have made the Internet a place of mind-numbing commercialism…

It’s a by Media Education Foundation, a great film source, and it looks like it’s one of there own productions; which means it will be quite affordable ($20 to $50, …but must be confirmed).  If interested, post a note here to me and I’ll follow up.

Thanks – Kanin