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At the October 3, 2015 Copyright Workshop and folowing Network Meeting, we ddecided t organize a ‘Meaningfu Movies Screening rights Team’.
James Wiliams from Wedgwood Meaninfu Moives (, and Dick Harrison from Sno-King Meaninful Movies ( have agreeded t start this Working Group.  Please support them. If there are others of you who are intersted in joining this team, please post this request on this forum.
Many Thanks James & Dick!

This is a very time-comsumng process.  Please be sure that you have seen the film, and want to screen it prior to requesting that cost and rights be negotiated.

I propose the following process:

  1. Identify a film, see the trailer, and evaluate whether it looks like something you want to screen.
  2. Look on-line to see if it is available to prscreen (YouTube, Vimeo, Netflix, Amazon, and other locations).  If it costs something to sceen, this has to be an individual group expense.
  3. If you cannot find a location on-line to prescreen, place a request via email to someone on the Screening Rights Team.  They will try to locate, or contact the filmmakers or distributors to get a password protected, temporary link to preview the film.
  4. After you hve previewed the film, have decided without doubt that you want to screen this film, and have a tentative date schedule for the screening, request that the Screening Right Team negotite screening rights and cost.
  5. The Screening Rights Team will let you know the cost and the availability of the film, the details, and the contact info, reference information so that you can send a check (or pay online) for the screening rights.  Identifying the shipping address will be yur responsibility.  Any conditions for use of the film, including any reporting requested and reqquest for th eDVD to be returned, is your responsibility.
  6. Please email a copy of the screening rights documentation (whatever form it is in) to the Screening Rights Team member you are working with.
  7. If you are not required to return the DVD, it will technically belong to you.  Should you be willing, please donate the DVD to the MEaningfu Movies Film Library – it may be madde available for all community members; it may also be used by other groups to screen or prescreen, and may save others some minimal cost for the DVD & shipping.
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