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I’d be glad to introduce you via email to the following resources;

  • HUB resource person: Cindi Barker ( – she’s (I believe ) in West Seattle, but does the general coordination for the (all-volunteer) HUB centers.
  • UW Seismic Lab contact: Dr. John Vidale –  (also Professor at the University of Washington and Director of the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network, and also the WA State Seismologist).
  • City of Seattle Office of Emergency Management: Denise Smith – She can bring in info on the SNAP program and personal emergency management.  But again, you may be able to have them schedule something community-wide at another time in the near future.
  • Be aware, this topic comes with an overwhelming amount of information and lots of questions and need for discussion.  So schedule appropriately.  My recommendation would #1 Cindi, who can help you organize, reorganize or enhance your own HUB center, followed by UW.  The city can provide much literature that covers a lot on personal prep.  Be aware that if you want the City’s involvement, you will need to schedule far in advance.  Their emergency management office consists of 3 people to cover the entire population of Seattle (a sign of the priority the City Council puts on this inevitable event – do feel free to rattle some cages if you are so inclined).

Regarding screening rights, let me fist coordinate with the filmmaker so things don’t get mixed up with the distributor.  We’ve negotiate $60 per screening (using our DVD’s, we have several).

Another idea, if you have the energy:  When we scheduled this the first time, we also scheduled on the following Saturday to have the city come out and do a several hour training which included the SNAP training and more info/training on emergency prep at the community level.  Don’t know if they have the resources for this, but this was VERY appreciated by the community.

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