Lending Library


If you see a film that moves you, borrow the film and invite your friends, family and neighbors to join you at home for your own screening, potluck and discussion. We consider providing access to our film library just as much a part of our mission as our scheduled film events.

We’ve shown a lot of documentaries since our first screening of the weekly “Meaningful Movies” in 2003, and instead of the DVDs just sitting on our shelves after the screening, we loan them out at no cost to anyone who wants to borrow them.


The process for borrowing films:

  1. DVDs can be checked out on the first Friday of the month when we show our monthly movie at Meaningful Movies in Wallingford (see map here), or in some special instances you can make arrangements to come by the library location to pick up a DVD. If you’re a new borrower, we’ll ask for your contact information which we keep private and only use to contact you should you be late on returning a DVD.
  2. We ask that you return the DVD within a week or two so that others can also borrow it and learn from it as well.
  3. Our DVDs are loaned for personal use only. If you intend to show a DVD to a crowd outside of your home, you will need to verify if you first need to obtain screening rights. If you need help with this, feel free to contact us.
  4. Again, we offer this as a free service to all, and like the Meaningful Movies themselves, we consider this a community-owned benefit, but WE DO NEED DONATIONS from those who can afford it, to help us maintain this resource to replace damaged & lost films, to acquire new titles, and keep the DVDs we have in circulation, helping to educate more people and helping to build community!

Past films that we’ve shown at the Meaningful Movies

To view lists of films shown between 2003-2015, including descriptions, please click here >

Your donation for the Library will help maintain this unique community resource.  With these funds, in addition to outright purchases for the library, we will be able to purchase copies of films we have screened that we would not otherwise be able to make available.  We will also be able to replace popular DVDs that are occasionally returned damaged.

LATE BORROWERS – Please return DVDs in a timely manner.

Our film library is a community resource. Considerable cost and effort goes into its maintenance and into its management. Please return DVDs within your time commitment so that others can also borrow.