Where To Invade Next?

PRESENTED BY: Meaningful Movies Tacoma
7:00 PM, Friday, October 21, 2016 PST
Location: Tacoma - CSL (click for map)

Visit the world and see what is going on in other countries.  You don’t need a passport for this trip.   Regardless of whether you like or don’t like Michael Moore, this is a thought-provoking, inspirational film.  We will have a short discussion following the film.  It’s about ideas that we can use to build a better future.  It’s our choice!

“Moore sets up his film by daydreaming about a summons from the Joint Chiefs of Staff. . . . . . As we watch a collage of America at its worst – bank scandals, stock frauds, housing foreclosures, black teens murdered by cops – Moore sets out to invade the world for bright ideas.

Has Michael Moore gone soft? You might think so, making a snap judgment of Where to Invade Next, a crazy-like-a-fox documentary hellbent on seeing the best in people. Other people. Not us Americans. Turns out we suck at practicing what we preach. . . .  heading off to Europe to plant our flag in countries where folks know how to live. In other words, he intends to steal the good stuff and bring it home.” – Rollingstone

One showing – seating on first come basis, “free” with donations welcome. Come laugh with us!

Sponsors: WAMEND.ORG  Lets get money out of politics.  A brief discussion will be held prior to the showing and a discussion of the film with the community will be held after the screening about issues in the film.

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/WhereToInvadeNext/

Release Year: 2015

Running Time: 119 min

Director: Michael Moore

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