Undocumented Tales

PRESENTED BY: Beacon Hill Meaningful Movies
7:00 PM, Tuesday, July 16, 2019 PST
Location: Beacon Hill (click for map)

Beacon Hill Meaningful Movies is partnering with SOMOS Seattle (an organization for LGBTQ Latinx people to build an active community and share resources) to screen “Undocumented Tales,” a YouTube web series that follows the journey of Fernando Gutierrez, an undocumented queer immigrant from Mexico living in the U.S.  Fernando’s story is one that is rarely told in the broader immigrant and LGBTQ communities, and one that is almost never told in mainstream media. The series serves as an online platform that brings together the intersections of immigration status, homophobia/transphobia, class, and race to portray the realities of what it means to both undocumented and queer in the United States.

Armando Ibañez is a latinx queer filmmaker and activist from Mexico. He has been in the U.S. for over 16 years and lives in California. Armando is involved in the LGBTQ and immigrant rights movements and is an active member with Familia: Trans Queer Liberation Movement. His passion for film began at the age of 7 while watching Mexican cinema from the 1950s. Currently, Armando is the director and writer of the online series “Undocumented Tales,” a story that follows the journey of a Mexican undocumented and queer server living in Los Angeles. He is committed to portraying authentic Latinx characters and addressing real issues impacting immigrant and LGBTQ communities in the United States.

This event is free to the public. Donations are greatly appreciated to help cover the cost.

Special Guests: We are honored to host the filmmaker, Armando Ibañez, as our special guest for the evening!

Release Year: 2019

Running Time: Youtube Web Series

Director: Armando Ibañez

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