Trickle Down Town

PRESENTED BY: Mt Baker Meaningful Movies
6:30 PM, Thursday, April 25, 2019 PST
Location: Mt Baker (click for map)

Tomasz Biernacki’s new documentary about the homeless crisis in Seattle is a must-see. It deftly interweaves in-depth stories and interviews of community members who are living the crisis on the streets with interviews of political leaders and community advocates, vivid images of the current state of affairs and a poignant examination of the roots of homelessness in the region. Biernacki paints a picture of a city struggling to come to grips with an unprecedented emergency, and finds glimmers of hope.

Mount Baker Meaningful Movies is screening this documentary at the Mt. Baker Community Clubhouse, at 2811 Mt. Rainier Drive South on Thursday, April 25th at 6:30 pm. Doors open at 6:00 pm.

After the film, the filmmaker and other speakers will be available for questions and discussion. The South Seattle Climate Action Network and other local groups will also provide info tables with opportunities for action. Co-sponsors include the Mt. Baker Community Club and other groups TBD.

As always, no tickets are required; donations gratefully accepted to cover the costs of screening. For more information, go to or

Special Guests: Tomasz Biernacki

Sponsors: South Seattle Climate Action Network

Release Year: 2018

Running Time: 113 minutes

Director: Tomasz Biernacki

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