Transition 2.0

PRESENTED BY: Woodinville Meaningful Movies
7:00 PM, Friday, July 11, 2014 PST
Location: Woodinville, WA (click for map)

Transition 2.0 presents stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things.  Communities printing their own money, growing their own food, setting up community power stations.  It’s a social experiment that is going viral around the world, of regular folks responding to uncertain times with solutions and optimism.

With “Transition” there are distinct stages the process goes through, from meeting equally enthused people and deciding to give Transition a go (‘Starting out’), to finding that you are now becoming a viable, vibrant project (‘Deepening’), then trying to broaden your engagement with the local community (‘Connecting’) and scaling up what you are doing in order to make localization a reality on the ground (‘Building’).  Lastly, there is a visionary, speculative stage of looking forward to how things might be if this happened everywhere (‘Daring to Dream’).

Transition network is a charitable organization, begun in England in 2005 to connect, support and train communities to self-organized local solutions that rebuild resilience and reduce CO2 emissions.

Special Guests: Patricia Knox with Transition Woodinville

Sponsors: Transition Woodinville

Release Year: 2012

Running Time: 1 hr 6 min

Director: Emma Goude

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