The Memory of Fish

PRESENTED BY: Meaningful Movies Port Townsend
6:30 PM, Monday, November 12, 2018 PST
Location: Port Townsend (click for map)

“The Memory of Fish” is an award-winning documentary portrait of one man, the wild salmon he loves, and his fight to free a river. The film follows the life story of a man from Port Angeles, Washington, and his fight to bring salmon home to the Elwha River. Dick Goin was a Dust Bowl refugee, pulp mill worker, and fisherman-turned-river Yoda, whose memory and persistence were instrumental in the biggest dam removal project in U.S. history. They say rivers are like veins, and Goin had salmon running through his.

A master among master fishermen, he was one of the oldest voices speaking against the destruction of the Olympic Peninsula, one of this country’s most exploited natural areas for its timber, fish, and hydroelectricity. As a fisherman, citizen scientist, educator, and historian of this frontier, both tribal leaders and park rangers agree he has no parallel: Dick was here for the fish.

Through the eyes and memory of Dick Goin, this is a visual portrait of a local hero, a historic place in the American outdoors, and an iconic wild fish.

Release Year: 2016

Running Time: 54 mins

Director: Jennifer Galvin and Sachi Cunningham

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