Never Give Up! Minoru Yasui and the Fight For Justice

by March 22, 2018 0 comments

“Never Give Up! Minoru Yasui and the Fight for Justice” relates the life history of an American hero. Minoru (Min) Yasui was born and raised in the small farming town of Hood River, Oregon in 1916, by Japanese immigrant parents,

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Company Town

by March 28, 2018 0 comments

The once free-spirited city of San Francisco is now a “Company Town,” a playground for tech moguls of the “sharing economy.” Airbnb is the biggest hotel. Uber privatizes transit. And now these companies want political power as well. Meanwhile, middle

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The Trans List

by March 29, 2018 0 comments

Award-winning filmmaker, Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, brings us “a bracing hour of personal history, struggle and liberation.” (L.A. Times)  The Trans List explores the range of experiences lived by Americans who identify as transgender (an umbrella term for people whose gender identity

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I Am Not Your Negro

by April 10, 2018 0 comments

I Am Not Your Negro envisions the book James Baldwin never finished, a radical narration about race in America, using the writer’s original words, as read by actor Samuel L. Jackson. Alongside a flood of rich archival material, the film

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