Poverty, Inc.

by February 27, 2019 0 comments

Fighting poverty is big business. But who profits the most? “I see multiple colonial governors,” says Ghanaian software entrepreneur Herman Chinery-Hesse of the international development establishment. “We are held captive by the donor community.” The West has made itself the

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Reversing Roe

by March 9, 2019 0 comments

IMDb describes this film as “a deep historical look at one of the most controversial issues of our time, highlighting the abortion debate from various points along the ideological spectrum in a winding story of abortion in America.” Doors open

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Standing On My Sisters’ Shoulders: Women of the Civil Rights Movement

by March 10, 2019 0 comments

A powerful documentary, “Standing On My Sisters’ Shoulders: Women of the Civil Rights Movement,” explores a missing chapter in our nation’s record of the Civil Rights movement. The film reveals the movement in Mississippi in the 1950s and 60s from

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The Reluctant Radical

by March 12, 2019 0 comments

If a crime is committed in order to prevent a greater crime, is it forgivable? Is it, in fact, necessary? “The Reluctant Radical” follows activist Ken Ward as he confronts his fears and puts himself in the direct path of

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