Seattle Black Panthers Fight for Justice & Freedom

4:00 PM, Sunday, May 26, 2024 PST
Location: (click for map)

Join us May 26th at 4 PM at Shoreline Community College Theatre for SEATTLE BLACK PANTHERS FIGHT FOR JUSTICE & FREEDOM takes a deep dive into the untold stories and remarkable achievements of the Black Panther Party’s Seattle chapter, shedding light on their tireless struggle against oppression and their unwavering commitment to community empowerment. Unveiling the truth behind the myth of the Black Panthers, offering a nuanced portrayal of their revolutionary efforts.  At its core, the documentary captures the essence of the Black Panther Party’s mission: to empower marginalized communities and give voice to those who have long been silenced.

This event offers a unique opportunity to witness the resilience and determination of the Seattle Black Panthers on the big screen. It’s an evening of enlightenment, inspiration, and meaningful dialogue as we honor the legacy of those who fought tirelessly for justice and freedom. Director, Rick DuPree, will be in attendance along with one of the founding members of the Seattle Black Panther, Elmer Dixon.

This isn’t just a film screening but a community gathering with food trucks, spoken word, a meet and greet with the director, photo opportunities and much more.


When: Sunday, May 26th, Doors Open at 3:30 PM, Event Starts at 4 PM

Where: Shoreline Community College Theatre

Cost: Free admission. Open to the public.



Spoken Word Artist:

Sharon Nyree Williams, storyteller, EMMY Award Winner and Silver Telly Award winning voice-over artist, producer, presenter, and teacher. Sharon shares stories about her imperfections in hopes that she can change the world one story at a time. She also has three poetries, plus storytelling albums Humanity, Consciousness of Love, and SHOOK.



Director Rick DuPree, first-time filmmaker combines his experience as a secondary school educator and coach, performer, and playwright to shape the Seattle Black Panther story. His experience as a mediator and facilitator, not to mention his broad community contact base, has been instrumental in securing the trust of the Seattle Black Panther comrades and the community in telling their stories.

Director of Photography, Co-Director, Producer, and Editor Marques DuPree is a music producer, freelance and studio videographer, and producer for the last ten years, he has produced music videos, short films, interviews, and promotional videos. He has recruited and led production teams and has served in all the creative roles necessary to produce artistic expressions.

Elmer Dixon, a long-time activist since the 1960s Black Power Movement, co-founded the Seattle Chapter of the Black Panther Party in 1968. He organized community programs like Police Alert Patrols and Free Breakfast Programs, emphasizing social justice and equality. With over 35 years in Human Rights and Inclusion work, he now serves as President of Executive Diversity Services, providing diversity training to organizations worldwide and advising on strategic diversity initiatives.

Dr. J, is Acting Vice President of Diversity Equity and Inclusion at Shoreline Community College. He has been an adjunct professor of African American history in the American Ethnic Studies department at the University of Washington for the past 20 years. While living in Sudan he studied Islam under the progressive, martyred, thinker al-Ustadh Mahmoud Mohamed Taha for nine years between 1977 and 1986.



About Our Partner: 

Shoreline Community College offers accessible, high-quality education and workforce training that empowers students for success. Rooted in our commitment to diversity, equity, and community engagement, we foster an educational environment that contributes to the enrichment of both our local and global communities.


Special Guests: Sharon Nyree Williams, Director Rick DuPree, Elmer Dixon & Dr J

Sponsors: All Meaningful Movie Groups, Shoreline Community College, Seattle Black Film Festival, Sea Doc, Voice Tacoma Radio Universal, Seattle Film Summit & The Pierce County Black Collective

Release Year: 2023

Running Time: 30 minutes

Director: Rick DuPree

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