Scarred Lands and Wounded Lives: The Environmental Footprint of War

PRESENTED BY: Mt Baker Meaningful Movies
6:30 PM, Thursday, July 26, 2018 PST
Location: Mt Baker (click for map)

“Scarred Lands and Wounded Lives” explores the under-reported environmental impacts of war and preparations for war. The film confronts the broad ecological and human ramifications of everything from technological development and natural resource exhaustion to weapons testing and modern warfare itself.

Ecosystems and people around the world are in distress from forces of humanity’s own making: climate change (floods, forest fires, droughts, extreme weather, etc.), increasing population, unsustainable demands on natural resources, and habitat and species loss.  One of the most destructive of human behaviors – war – is not commonly included as a contributor to the growing global environmental crisis.

Yet, in all its stages, from the production of weapons through combat, military operations pollute land, air, and water, destroy entire ecosystems, and drain limited natural resources.

Using archival material from the Civil War through more recent wars, along with expert testimony and eyewitness accounts, the film clearly presents the environmental and human cost of combat, and argues for public scrutiny of the ecological and human impact of war as essential to a more sustainable – and secure – world.

Doors open at 6 pm for refreshments and conversation.  Movie and snacks are FREE.  Donations always gratefully accepted.  Everyone welcome!

Stay after the screening for speakers and discussion.

Special Guests: Lilly Adams, WA. Physicians for Social Responsibility/WA. Against Nuclear Weapons; Dan Gillman, Veterans for Peace; World Beyond War, Seattle Chap. 92

Sponsors: Co-Sponsors:   South Seattle Climate Action Network; Washington Against Nuclear Weapons Coalition (led by WA Physicians for Social Responsibility); Veterans for Peace; World Beyond War, Seattle Chapter 92

Release Year: 2008

Running Time: 68 min.

Director: Alice Day, Lincoln Day

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