PRESENTED BY: Online Event
6:00 PM, Thursday, March 16, 2023 PST
Location: Online Event - Pacific Standard Time (click for map)

Join Mt Baker, First Church, and West Seattle Meaningful Movies for a conversation about the movies INSECT APOCALYPSE and WHY LAWNS MUST DIE.  You can choose to watch these two short videos on your own, in advance of our event, or you can watch them with us as a group at on March 16th. Join us on Zoom at 6PM for a quick introduction and then we will watch the short videos together.  Afterwards, at approximately 6:30, we will have community conversation about the films. We will be joined by climate activist and native plant hero, Andrea O’Ferrall; and native plant experts Marcia Smith, Chris Fuentes,  and Bibi Powell.  They will share tips on how to get rid of your grass, and suggestions for native, waterwise plant options.  Afterwards, we will all have a discussion about what we can do to support a healthy environment in our neighborhoods and backyards.

INSECT APOCALYPSE tells of the alarming decline in insect populations that has been happening over the last 50 years.   It delves into what is causing it and how we can make a difference by planting native plants in our gardens.  The video features the renowned entomologist Doug Tallamy whose books include “Bringing Nature Home” and “Nature’s Best Hope.”

WHY LAWNS MUST DIE takes a look at the grass lawn’s history of class exploitation and settler colonialism and how that ties into the American lawn culture we see today. Also, the turfgrass lawn has a huge environmental impact. It’s the biggest crop in the United States by area and requires a massive amount of fossil fuels, fertilizer, and chemicals to upkeep. Ultimately, the grass lawn is exacerbating climate change and the climate crisis.

And if you are inspired, here’s an extra video for you..THE LITTLE THINGS THAT RUN THE WORLD shows us how to save native bees and other insects. Doug Tallamy tells us why, and how to do this in your own backyard, in a seminar presented by the City of Guelph and Pollination Guelph

Join us for a community conversation via Zoom on March 16:

Special Guests: Andrea O'Ferrall, Chris Fuentes, and Bibi Powell

Sponsors: West Seattle Meaningful Movies Mt Baker Meaningful Movies South Seattle Climate Action Network

Release Year: 2021

Running Time: 12 min

Director: Our Changing Climate

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