Newtok Will Remain: A Conversation with Residents on the Frontline of Climate Change

PRESENTED BY: Online Event
5:00 PM, Tuesday, April 19, 2022 PST
Location: Online Event - Pacific Standard Time (click for map)

After decades of government inaction put them in the direct path of a slow moving climate disaster, the Indigenous village of Newtok, Alaska, may still be able to keep their community intact, but their future hinges on the political will of those in power and finding the money to build a new village.

REGISTER HERE to join ROCO Films and Patagonia on April 19th for a conversation with Newtok resident and film subject, Della Carl and her father, George Carl, Yup’ik culture bearer and professor at University of Alaska in Anchorage, Marie Meade, and the Newtok filmmakers, Andrew Burton and Michael Kirby Smith. This event will be moderated by activist, cultural educator and actor, Dallas Goldtooth.

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Water will erase Newtok, Alaska. Built on a delta at the edge of the Bering Sea, the tiny Yup’ik village has been dealing with melting permafrost, river erosion and decaying infrastructure for decades. To keep their culture and community intact, the 360 Yup’ik residents must relocate their entire village to stable ground upriver while facing a federal government that has failed to take appropriate action to combat climate change. In moving their village, they will become some of America’s first 21st century climate refugees. It is a verit portrait of a village seeking justice in the face of climate disaster. This spring, in advance of the April release, we are organizing an online conversation around the film as well as local community screenings.

Please join this event on Tuesday, April 19th at 5pm PDT // 8pm EDT for a conversation to learn more about how the federal government that has failed to take appropriate action to combat climate change, what’s at stake, what we can learn from Newtok and how our collective action can support climate justice. Featured speakers include:

– Activist, Cultural Educator + Actor, Dallas Goldtooth
– Newtok Resident and Film Subject, Della Carl
– Newtok Resident and Film Subject, George Carl
– Yup’ik Culture Bearer and Professor, University of Alaska, Anchorage, Marie Meade
– Newtok Filmmakers, Andrew Burton and Michael Kirby Smith

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Occasionally, the Meaningful Movies Project advertises film events that are not organized by a Meaningful Movies Group, but are instead organized by one or more partner organizations doing aligned work. We are proud to support this film event which has been organized by ROCO Films and Patagonia.

Sponsors: ROCO Films Patagonia Films

Release Year: 2021

Running Time: 1 hr 33 minutes

Director: Andrew Burton, Michael Kirby Smith

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