Mission Blue

PRESENTED BY: Woodinville Meaningful Movies
7:00 PM, Friday, June 9, 2017 PST
Location: Woodinville, WA (click for map)

Legendary oceanographer Sylvia Earle is on a personal mission to save the ocean.  For generations, we have believed that the ocean is too big to fail. We have overfished it to the point of collapse; used it as a massive dumping ground; and drilled for oil thousands of feet down, disregarding environmental risks. Mission Blue, traces Sylvia’s remarkable personal journey, as a young girl exploring the ocean to her days leading a daring undersea mission in the Virgin Islands.

The film weaves Sylvia’s unique personal history with the passion that consumes Sylvia today: creating a global parks system for the ocean that she calls “Hope Spots”.  Guiding us through the film is Fisher Stevens, whose lifelong love for the ocean inspired him to produce the Academy award winning film, The Cove.  Mission Blue examines how to protect the global ocean, now more vulnerable than ever.  Mission Blue is a wake-up call –for everyone who has ever cared about or experienced the Ocean –as well as for those far inland who are dependent on rainwater, clean air and weather cycles regulated by the ocean.  As Sylvia says: “No blue; no green.  No ocean; no us.”

Release Year: 2014

Running Time: 1 hr 36 min

Director: Fisher Stevens and Robert Nixon

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