Never Give Up: Minoru Yasui and the Fight for Justice

PRESENTED BY: Backbone Meaningful Movies on Vashon
6:00 PM, Tuesday, October 9, 2018 PST
Location: Vashon (click for map)

Minoru (Min) Yasui was a courageous and tireless leader in the cause of justice and human rights for all people. He challenged unconstitutional internment policies against Japanese Americans during World War II, and he spent the remainder of his life advocating for, and mentoring, underrepresented peoples.

“Never Give Up” tells the story of Yasui, son of Japanese immigrant parents, born in 1916 and raised in the farming community of Hood River, Oregon. He was the first Japanese American attorney in Oregon, and during World War II, he initiated the first legal test challenging the forced removal from the West Coast and subsequent incarceration of over 120,000 persons of Japanese ancestry in U.S. concentration camps. The film documents his and his family’s experiences during the war and his nine months in solitary confinement awaiting his appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court. It also depicts Yasui’s postwar life, including his ongoing defense of the human and civil rights of all people, his leadership role in the Japanese American redress movement, the reopening of his legal case, and the posthumous award of a Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2015.

The director, Min Yasui’s youngest daughter, Holly, will be on hand for a post-film discussion.

Special Guests: Holly Yasui

Sponsors: Vashon Theatre Island GreenTech Backbone Campaign Friends of Mukai Vashon - Maury Heritage Museum  

Release Year: 2017

Running Time: 60 minutes

Director: Holly Yasui

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  1. Megan Dudley
    #1 Megan Dudley 18 September, 2018, 16:34

    Hooray! I am so happy this film is coming to Vashon. When we showed it in Ridgefield it was one of the best received. The high school students especially loved it and had lots of questions for Holly who has inherited her father’s gift for public speaking. She is inspirational!

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