Mini Film Festival with Melissa Young and Mark Dworkin (Part Two)

PRESENTED BY: Online Event
7:00 PM, Friday, June 19, 2020 PST
Location: Online Event - Pacific Standard Time (click for map)

Meaningful Movies in Kirkland presents the second part of our Mini Film Festival showcasing the work of Melissa Young and Mark Dworkin. Enjoy two of their films and join a discussion with the filmmakers on Friday, June 19 at 7 pm.

You can watch the films at any time until June 20th. Registration is required for the discussion on June 19th. Please register for the discussion at this address:

Details on the films:

Another World is Possible

In 2002, 51,000 people from 131 countries gathered at the World Social Forum in Porto Alegre, Brazil. Covered extensively by international press, the Forum was barely mentioned by US media. This film presents a sampling of the issues and events at this inspiring gathering.

Watch the film at, password: rick (24 minutes)

Don’t Give Up Your Voice

Argentina elected its Trump, Mauricio Macri, a year before we elected ours. The two are quite similar in the tone of their campaigns and the policies they are promoting once in office. But Argentines are resilient, and they have fought right wing governments before. The film looks at the widespread and creative resistance to Macri’s policies – in organized labor, at worker co-ops and street protests, in theater and music. The film offers instructive parallels with the situation in the US, while illustrating the power of collective action.

Watch the film at, password: diane (40 minutes)

Special Guests: Melissa Young and Mark Dworkin

Release Year: 2002

Running Time: 24 minutes

Director: Melissa Young and Mark Dworkin

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