Matter of Mind: My Parkinsons

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2:00 PM, Wednesday, March 6, 2024 PST

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“Matter of Mind: My Parkinson’s” is a poignant and inspiring documentary that delves into the personal journey of individuals grappling with Parkinson’s disease in Tacoma, Washington. Through intimate interviews, raw footage, and heartfelt narratives, this film sheds light on the indomitable spirit of those facing the challenges of Parkinson’s.

The documentary follows the lives of several Tacoma residents who have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s, offering a deeply personal and unfiltered look at their daily struggles and triumphs. As the film unfolds, viewers witness the resilience of these individuals as they navigate the unpredictable terrain of a progressive neurological disorder.

Against the backdrop of Tacoma’s picturesque landscapes, “Matter of Mind” captures the essence of a tight-knit community coming together to support those affected by Parkinson’s. The film not only explores the physical toll of the disease but also delves into the emotional and psychological aspects, illustrating the importance of mental fortitude and a supportive network.

While the documentary addresses the challenges and uncertainties associated with Parkinson’s, it also highlights the power of hope, the significance of community, and the strength found in shared experiences. “Matter of Mind” seeks to raise awareness about Parkinson’s and foster understanding, encouraging audiences to empathize with those affected and inspire positive change.

This moving documentary offers an authentic and empathetic portrayal of the human spirit, showcasing how individuals facing Parkinson’s in Tacoma find purpose, connection, and newfound meaning in their lives. “Matter of Mind: My Parkinson’s” is not just a film; it’s a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the importance of embracing life’s journey with unwavering courage.


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Release Year: 2024

Running Time: 60 min

Director: Anna Moot-Levin and Laura Green

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