Living the Change

PRESENTED BY: Online Event
7:00 PM, Tuesday, May 28, 2024 PST
Location: Online Event - Pacific Standard Time (click for map)

Meaningful Movies Bellevue

LIVING THE CHANGE explores solutions to global crises we face today. Inspiring stories of people pioneering change in their own lives and their communities show us how we can all live sustainably and in a regenerative way. Directors Jordan Osmond and Antoinette Wilson weave stories from their travels together with interviews that showcase experts explaining how we came to be where we are today. From forest gardens to composting toilets, community supported agriculture to timebanking, Living the Change offers ways for each of us to rethink our approach to how we live.


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Please join us for this inspiring film that shows us the future is not hopeless and we all can make this a better place to live. The film will be followed by a lively discussion. Plan to stay and share your ideas about Living the Change and also about what you can do to live more sustainably.


Cost: Free

But we gratefully welcome your generous donations, which play a vital role in covering the expenses while presenting the films we screen. Your support means the world to us!


Dave Isaak and the Meaningful Movies Bellevue Team.

Sponsors: East Shore Unitarian

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Release Year: 2018

Running Time: 1 hour 25 min

Director: Jordan Osmond and Antoinette Wilson

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