LGBTQIA+: A Road to Home

PRESENTED BY: Renton Library Meaningful Movies
4:00 PM, Friday, June 26, 2020
Location: Renton Library (click for map)

Imagine yourself 18 years old wandering city streets without a place to go to sleep or eat or shelter from the cold. Imagine you’re homeless because your parents kicked you out when they discovered you are gay or transgender.

This is the subject of “A Road to Home,” which follows 6 LGBT youth through New York City as they learn to survive in the streets, then struggle to find beds, jobs, and some sense of purpose and direction for their lives. Four have grown up in poverty, two not. Five are people of color, one not. All have been rejected. Their lives typify the experience of the 500,000 homeless youth on American streets every night, 40% of them LGBT.

In the course of their journeys, four of the characters in “A Road to Home” get aid from the Ali Forney Center, a program devoted solely to homeless LGBTQ youth. The struggle of its founder Carl Siciliano to keep its programs alive mirrors the journeys of the kids themselves. What the film reveals is not only the dangers, the fears, the lonely anxiety of being homeless, but also the resulting wounds to the heart that must be healed. The 6 characters in this film are determined that their current traumas will not define them for the rest of their lives.

Winner of Best Documentary and Best Directing in a Documentary at theĀ Portsmouth International Film Festival. Official Selection at theĀ Manhattan Film Festival.

“Important! The film about homeless LGBTQ youth that we needed”-Daniela Costa, AfterEllen

Release Year: 2015

Running Time: 1hr 33min

Director: Cal Skaggs

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