Lead Me Home

PRESENTED BY: Meaningful Movies Spokane with UUCS
6:30 PM, Wednesday, June 22, 2022 PST
Location: Spokane (click for map)

Join us in person at the Magic Lantern Theater in Spokane or On Line via Zoom. Please email us at meaningfulmoviesspokane@gmail.com to get the zoom link.   6:30 June 22.  We will be joined by the RAP Resident Action Project.  Speakers: Mindy Woods, James Hill and Juanita Spotted Elk.


In Lead Me Home, tents become bedrooms; trucks become washrooms; parks become kitchens. Love occurs, as does strife and violence. People make homes for themselves wherever they end up. When directors Pedro Kos and Jon Shenk set out to tackle the subject of homelessness, they had one goal: to humanize the experience, in whatever form that might take. The pair set out to depict the stories of people living on the street who, were it not for a vast set of unfortunate circumstances—addiction, mental illness, sexual abuse, homophobia, healthcare costs, disability—would be living no differently from those sleeping comfortably mere blocks or even just floors away. In the shadow of boundless real estate development proliferating in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Seattle, Kos and Shenk filmed the daily lives of more than two dozen subjects over three years to provide a slice-of-life portrayal of what it’s like to experience homelessness in America today. Conceived as a two-part visual symphony shot in distinct production periods, the film opens a window into a parallel world hiding in plain sight and challenges the audience to feel the scale, scope and diversity of unsheltered America.

Special Guests: Mindy Woods, James Hill, Juanita Spotted Elk

Sponsors: ResidentActionProject.org

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/550806753146059

Release Year: 2021

Running Time: 40

Director: Pedro Kos, Jon Shenk

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