Jonathan Scott’s Power Trip – Indie Lens Pop-Up National OVEE Event

PRESENTED BY: Online Event
4:00 PM, Tuesday, November 10, 2020 PST
Location: Online Event - Pacific Standard Time (click for map)

The key to environmentally friendly, cost-effective renewable energy is shining down upon us. In sun-soaked Las Vegas, Property Brothers’ Jonathan Scott harnesses that power by installing solar panels on his own home. But when his local public utility commission takes every possible opportunity to suppress that type of competition, Jonathan sets out to answer “Why don’t more Americans have the choice to go solar?” On his journey to learn about clean energy, Jonathan talks with members of the Navajo Nation, who built a utility-scale solar plant; farmers struggling to make ends meet in Georgia; coal workers ready for new, clean jobs in Kentucky; religious leaders fighting to meet their community’s energy needs in North Carolina; and politicians at the forefront of the battle for renewable energy throughout the country. 

Jonathan Scott and film protagonists Deenise Becenti, Joyce Johnson, Pastor Nelson Johnson, and Anya Schoolman will be joining us in a livestream panel conversation that will follow a virtual screening of the film.

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The Meaningful Movies Project is partnering with the Indie Lens Pop-Up Program which is organizing this event.
Indie Lens Pop-Up National OVEE | “Jonathan Scott’s Power Trip” | November 10 @ 4pm PT.

Special Guests: Jonathan Scott, Director, Jonathan Scott's Power Trip; Deenise Becenti, Public Affairs Manager, Navajo Tribal Utility Authority; Joyce Johnson, Co-Executive Director, Beloved Community Center; Nelson Johnson, Pastor Emeritus, Faith Community Church; Anya Schoolman, Executive Director, Solar United Neighbors

Sponsors: ITVS - Indie Lens Pop-Up The Meaningful Movies Project works with Indie Lens Pop-Up because of its similar mission. About Indie Lens Pop-Up Indie Lens Pop-Up is a neighborhood series that brings people together for film screenings and community-driven conversations. Featuring documentaries seen on PBS's Independent Lens, Indie Lens Pop-Up draws local residents, leaders, and organizations together to discuss what matters most, from newsworthy topics and social issues, to family and community relationships. Make friends, share stories, and join the conversation. For more information, visit  

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Release Year: 2019

Running Time: 60 minutes

Director: Jonathan Scott

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