Inequality for All

PRESENTED BY: Sno-King Meaningful Movies
7:00 PM, Saturday, July 11, 2015 PST
Location: Edmonds, WA (click for map)

Following the film, we will have refreshments and then a discussion of the issues raised by Robert Reich.  Our special guest will be Ken Dammand, president of Fix Democracy First.  For more about his organization visit their website here.

The website for the film has extensive resources for those interested in working to address the problems of inequality.

This event is free but donations to offset costs are appreciated.

This film by Robert Reich, former US Secretary of Labor, explains how and why inequality in household income has varied in history.  It recalls the “Gilded Age” of millionaires of the 1890’s and early 1900’s – followed by the economic horror of the Depression of the 30’s.  But what does that have to do with the inequality of today?  July’s Sno-King Meaningful Movies will explain just that.

According to Reich: “The core principle is that we want an economy that works for everyone, not just for a small elite. We want equal opportunity, not equality of outcome. We want to make sure that there’s upward mobility again, in our society and in our economy.”  “Until we can take a step back and understand the big picture, we can’t do anything to get ourselves out of this mess. Our democracy as we know it depends on it. I’m an educator. I love the classroom. But I also write books, appear on television and on the radio, and do everything else I can do to help people understand the economic truth. It’s my life’s work and it’s more important than ever. One of the best ways to help people understand the challenges we face, is with a movie that can grab an audience and move them to action.”

Special Guests: Ken Dammand, president of Fix Democracy First


  • Peace and Justice Committee, Edmonds UU Church
  • Snohomish County Peace Action
  • Social Action Ministry, Shoreline UU Church

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Release Year: 2013

Running Time: 89 minutes

Director: Jacob Kornbluth

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