Homes & Hands: Community Land Trusts in Action

PRESENTED BY: Meaningful Movies Olympia
6:30 PM, Thursday, January 17, 2019 PST
Location: Olympia (click for map)

An inspiring documentary about three communities where low-income residents have found an empowering way to realize the American dream… owning a home.

A practical model of affordable home ownership for low income residents.

Three tenacious and visionary communities deliver the American dream of owning a home to low-income residents. It has been over 40 years since leaders of the southern civil rights movement formed the first community land trust to secure access to land for African-Americans. This equitable and sustainable model of affordable housing and community development has since become a critical tool in preventing rampant foreclosures and land price speculation while stimulating revitalization without gentrification.

Through the personal stories of community activists in Durham, North Carolina, Albuquerque, New Mexico, and Burlington, Vermont, audiences are compelled to rethink their assumptions about housing and community development in the United States.

Panelists from Thurston Housing Land Trust:

Jerry Bustamante
Zahid Chaudhry
Ann Chaudhry
Susan Davenport
Keith Henderson

Posters for this screening to print and share:

Homes & Hands – Community Land Trusts In Action – poster – Meaningful Movies Olympia – Jan 17, 2019 (PDF format)

Homes & Hands – Community Land Trusts In Action – poster 4-up – Meaningful Movies Olympia – Jan 17, 2019 (PDF format)

Special Guests: Panelists from the Thurston County Land Trust: Susan Davenport and Jerry Bustamante.

Sponsors: Thurston Housing Land Trust

Release Year: 1998

Running Time: 46 minutes

Director: Debra Chasnoff and Helen S. Cohen

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