Free For All

PRESENTED BY: Meaningful Movies in Kirkland
7:00 PM, Friday, October 21, 2016 PST
Location: Kirkland, WA (click for map)

It’d be hard to do here in Washington. But in states like Ohio or Florida, where easily hackable, vote-flipping machines are used, where campaign chairs just happen also to be Secretaries of State, where precinct lines are redrawn and a vote not cast in the “correct” precinct is not counted, where precincts with increased registration receive fewer machines than in previous years, where vote-counting servers mysteriously crash and are replaced by servers run by clearly biased management, where if your name happens to match that of a released felon you are handed a “provisional ballot” – the list goes on – elections can be and have been stolen.
Remember in 2004 how the exit polls in Ohio said one thing and the official count said another? FREE FOR ALL is an oldie-but-goodie (3 stars from Roger Ebert) from 2008 that tells the story of that election. It’s not only fascinating history, it’s a warning that it can happen again.
FREE FOR ALL was directed by John Wellington Ennis, who also directed PAY 2 PLAY in 2014, previously shown at Kirkland.

Release Year: 2008

Running Time: 95 min

Director: John Wellington Ennis

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